Monika Bartnik-BougheyMonika Bartnik-Boughey

Please contact me ( to discuss how our new 2% solution for real estate can jumpstart your career.

If you are a Realtor or "soon to be" you owe it to yourself to give us a call. We offer a unique forward thinking virtual model and best of all we have extremely low almost no fee's, and then when you are successful we have a split that will take you by surprise ! Be surprised and take advantage right now.

The most challenging part of any REALTOR'S job is lead generation. At 2% Realty™, we’re a volume based business and our attractive commission rate of 2% automatically generates leads. In a highly competitive industry, 2% Realty™ REALTORS can easily differentiate themselves from other REALTORS purely based on their working commission rate.

We offer 2% Realty™ REALTORS an opportunity to get listings and gain more experience at a much faster pace. In 2010, the average earning of a 2% Realty™ REALTOR was $123,482.00. The success of our REALTORS is regularly recognized with an MLS Medallion; this Medallion is awarded to those REALTORS who place in the top 5% of all MLS sales in their local jurisdiction.

2% Realty™ has exceptional cooperation from other REALTORS and Brokerages. In today’s real estate market, buyers and sellers are extremely educated on market trends and are typically well versed on the MLS system. Most buyers and sellers actively engage with their REALTOR to achieve their desired goal.

2% Realty™ offers new REALTORS hands on training with an experienced Broker. You will be equipped with all the necessary sales tools to ensure your debut with 2% Realty™ is a success.

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